LIFAair® LA352C Air Purifier


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  • Cleans air of pathogens, allergens, pollution and organic compounds
  • Equipped with H12 hospital grade HEPA filter
  • Only 20 min to purify up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Silent in use, only 32-66dB
  • Safe around kids and pets

Compliant with FEHD Latest Air Ventilation Requirement

Exquisite, Minimalist Design

Intimate and powerful yet quietly removal of particles and gases. Ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms.

Large Filters Last Longer

Combination of high quality HEPA-filter and impregnated active carbon offer long lasting and economical protection. Not surprisingly the capacity of filters reached highest levels in the endurance test conducted by National Laboratory (P4/F4)

Additional information


330 m³/h

Particulates CADR

332 m³/h

Formaldehyde CADR

141 m³/h


23 – 39m²

Noise Level

33-66 dB(A)

Power Consumption

1 – 45W


250 x 505 mm

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