LIFAair® LA503 Smart Air Purifier

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  • Cleans air of pathogens, allergens, pollution and organic compounds
  • Equipped with H12 hospital grade HEPA filter
  • Only 10 min to purify up to 700 sq. ft.
  • Include an innovative smart control
  • Silent in use, only 32-66dB
  • Safe around kids and pets

Compliant with FEHD Latest Air Ventilation Requirement

Removes Harmful Substances and Particles with Style

Innovative design brings the smart air purification in to a new level. Continuous monitoring and automated cleaning operations guarantee high level protection exquisitely. Independent monitor with built-in laser particle and TVOC high precision sensor. Responsible for every breath for you and your family.

Efficient and Economical Solution

Combination of 4.6m² HEPA-filters and 3.5 kg of impregnated activate carbon offer immense purification capacity.

Intelligent Autonomous Monitor Controls

Control air volume according to air quality. Independent Indoor Air Quality monitor controls the air purifier according to current levels of Particular Matter and TVOC’s.

Genius Filter Structure

First Phase – Pre-Filter
The metal mesh serves as a pre-filter and it can be cleaned when necessary. Pre-filter protects the HEPA-filter and therefore extends the filter life.

Gas Filter Phase – Active Carbon Barrels
Colossal 3,5 kg of impregnated active carbon offer 2 years of protection. According to third party inspection the CADR for Formaldehyde is 240 m³/h and capacity reaches maximum levels without a hitch.

Medical grade HEPA-filter for effective pollutant collecting
2 cylinder H12 HEPA filter, CADR particulate matter: designed air flow 450m3/h, area of the filter is 4.6 m2, very high dust holding capacity and yet low air flow resistance – thus resulting into energy-savings and extend filter life.

Additional information


450 m³/h

Particle CADR

450 m³/h

Formaldehyde CADR

137 m³/h


31 – 54 m²

Noise Level

34 – 63 dB(A)

Power Consumption

1 – 60W


300 x 800 mm


14.65 kg

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