LIFAair® LA500VC Air Purifier


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  • Cleans air of pathogens, allergens, pollution and organic compounds
  • Equipped with H12 hospital grade HEPA filter
  • Only 10 min to purify up to 750 sq. ft.
  • Silent in use, only 66dB
  • Safe around kids and pets

Compliant with FEHD Latest Air Ventilation Requirement

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) requires enhancement of air ventilation in dine-in restaurants. LA500VC comply with the specified requirement on 6-time air change per hour and it is equipped with high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter (HEPA)

Removes Harmful Substances and Particles with Style

Innovative design brings the smart air purification in to a new level. Continuous monitoring and automated cleaning operations guarantee high level protection exquisitely.

Efficient and Economical Solution

Combination of 4.3m² HEPA-filters and 3.5 kg of impregnated activate carbon offer immense purification capacity.

Genius Filter Structure

First Phase – Pre-Filter
The metal mesh serves as a pre-filter and it can be cleaned when necessary. Pre-filter protects the HEPA-filter and therefore extends the filter life.

Gas Filter Phase – Active Carbon Barrels
Colossal 3.5 kg of impregnated active carbon offer 2 years of protection. According to third party inspection the CADR for Formaldehyde is 190 m³/h and capacity reaches maximum levels without a hitch.

Medical grade HEPA-filter for effective pollutant collecting
2 cylinder H12 HEPA filter, CADR particulate matter: designed air flow 600m3/h, area of the filter is 4.3 m2, very high dust holding capacity and yet low air flow resistance – thus resulting into energy-savings and extend filter life.

Additional information


600 m³/h

Formaldehyde CADR

190 m³/h


42 – 72 m²

Noise Level

≤66 dB(A)

Power Consumption

1 – 60W


300 x 800 mm


14.65 kg

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