“Home for Bees” Local Ivy Honey (Winter Honey)


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  • 100% pure honey
  • 100% local harvest
  • Support local beekeepers and bee farms
  • FREE of fragrances, pigments and preservatives

Make A Home for Local Bees

Will Legend works with local bee farmers and conservation organizations to save bees and relocate them to a safe place, allowing them to continue their pollination work. In addition to providing direct economic support for the cost of relocating bee hives, Will Legend also repurchases bee-related products from bee farmers. This not only fulfills Will Legend’s commitment to love the community and support local farmers, but also reduces carbon footprint by shortening logistics distance, helping us move towards our goal of carbon neutrality.

Click to understand more about our – Will Legend “Home for Bees” Conservation & Education Programme.

100% Pure Honey & Locally Harvest

Ivy honey, also known as winter honey is originated from ivy trees. They flower between September and November – even December in a very mild year. Ivy honey is dark in colour with a slightly strong and bitter flavour, making it unique from other of honey. It is believed that ivy honey can stimulate detox process, which effectively soothes cold, fever and sore throat, enhancing your immunity.

According to traditional folk medicine, honey is used to:

  • Reduce fatigue and restore energy
  • Improve appetite and digestion
  • Expel heat and dryness
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Improve overall physical conditions

Honey production is limited as it is greatly influenced by weather and natural disasters. The taste may vary from bottle to bottle. Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon and safe to eat.

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