WillEco® Flying Insect Spray (Aerosol)


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  • WHO Recommended Formulation for Aircraft Disinsection
  • Very Safe DIY Pest Control Spray, Easy to Use
  • Effective in killing mosquitoes, midges, flies, drain flies, ants, mites, fleas, booklouse etc.

DIY Pet Control

WillEco® Flying Insect Spray is used for aircraft disinsection to prevent the spread of pests. WillEco® contains an active ingredient of 2% w/w d-phenothrin, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). This spray is applicable for controlling some small flying or crawling pests, especially found at indoors or plants.

Product Features

  • Non-flammable aerosol
  • Rapid knockdown, non-residual
  • Compliant with Automotive Engineers (AMS 1450A)
  • Compliant with Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)


Aircraft cabin & cockpit, homes, workplaces, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, cargo trucks, passenger buses & cars etc.

Directions of Use

Evenly spray to possible flying and small crawling insects hiding places or where they frequently appear (e.g. on floors, between cracks, crevices and drains etc.). The immediate knock-down effect will eliminate the infestation of pests.

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Active Ingredient

d-phenothrin 2%

HK Reg. No.

2P197 (AE)

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